We take great pride in serving delicious, tasty meals. It's something we are very passionate about. What about having a birthday cake during the climb? An anniversary dinner perhaps? Don't hesitate to let us know and we'll find a way to create something special for you. From herbal teas and thick hot chocolate to chunky soups and nutritious main meals. We'll do our best to re-awaken those taste buds. If you love your food – choose a deluxe style trip and let us really indulge you to the max!

Kili Base Adventures has experienced mountain chefs who prepare delicious and tasty food to fuel your attempt for the summit. It is not uncommon for you to lose your appetite at high altitude and you should eat and drink as much possible. Good food and plenty of drinking water are essential ingredients, both physically and psychologically, to make your climb rewarding. At high altitudes, drinking a lot of water is essential for your health and helps prevent altitude sicknesses. Drink and eat as much as you can - we provide plenty of both.

Please let us know in advance if you have any special dietary request (s) e.g. vegetarian, we are happy to cater for this as well

Our mountain cuisine normally includes the following:

Specialty food like dried fruit, chocolates and cheeses. We carry cooler boxes and tupperware to keep all the food fresh throughout the trek.

Sample menu items on our Kilimanjaro menu for basic style trips:

Breakfast: Fruit juice, fresh fruit, cereal, porridge, eggs, bread, French-toast, plain-toast, pancakes, sausages, margarine, jam, honey, tea, coffee, drinking chocolate. Boiled egg, spanish omelette or a fried egg with bacon and toast.

Snacks: peanuts/crisps/popcorn/cookies/ chocolate

Lunch: Sliced carrot and cucumber strips, avocado slices, boiled egg, vegetable, meat cutlets, sandwiches (egg/ cheese/tomato/tuna/meat/peanut butter), fruit. Boiled egg, salami sandwich, cheese, French toast, macaroni and meat sauce and bread.

Dinner: soup of the day, bread, salad, rice/pasta/potatoes, chicken/meat, mixed vegetables (carrots,french beans,cabbage), lentils, fruit salad, fruit with custard, tea/coffee/milo/drinking chocolate. Spaghetti with meat sauce or fish with rice, fried beef with roast potatoes, rice, carrots, cabbage. Roast chicken with vegetable, fried rice, green pepper, carrots.

On the way to the summit we offer you a midnight snack comprising hot chocolate, tea or coffee and biscuits, orange juice or soup. We have also found that clients benefit from drinking a can of red – bull before their summit attempt!

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