Our Commitment to Sustainable Travel

We arecommitted to sustaining the character and integrity of each place we visit -its environment, culture, and heritage, and the well being of its residents. In providing authentic travel experiences, we strive to support local economies and aim to lead by example in all that we do. Behaving in a responsible manner at all times is at the heart of what we do. We take care of our staff and our suppliers and the fragile environment in which we work. All litter is removed and recycled where possible. We also limit the amount of non-recyclable goods. For example, we urge you to use water bottles rather than disposable plastic bottles. On the mountains, we take small groups. This enables us to stop at appropriate points and share the stories of the culture, fauna and flora and point outthe beautiful wildlife – such as the iridescent sunbirds! In this way, your holiday is more than just a climb. We support local people through employment and training. Our IT work, designs and web-pages are done locally by young, talented Tanzanians. They live near Kilimanjaro. We pay our porters a fair wage, which is above the recommended wage set by KPAP. Our chefs are locally trained and have been given experience working in lodges across Africa. Our staff are local and like ourselves, live in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro. We set an example by working ethically. We avoid paying bribes and stand firmly against the use of drugs and excessive alcohol consumption by our staff. At the same time, we believe that the powerful positive effects of sustainable travel go beyond the local economic benefits. When you return home, we hope we will have given you a taste of the wonderful and vibrant cultures and extra-ordinary environments that make up Africa today. It is a land not without it’s challenges, but we hope that during your time with us, you will appreciate the importance of preservingthe threatened species and fragile ecosystems for future generations and tell others about your experience. Thank you.

A strict trash-in, trash-out policy keeps the mountain slopes litter free

Pristine waterfalls

Red hot poker ‘Kniphofia thomsonii’