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Luxury Lodge & Classic Tented Camp Safaris. If your dream safari requires something even more luxurious, this is the excursion for you! It combines the best of the bush and 5-star lodging with all the creature comforts including swimming pools, sumptuous gourmet dining and even a personal valet if you so desire. It’s truly an unforgettable experience. These are for the individuals who are looking for a little more luxury while on safari. If you are looking to be close to nature during the day, but appreciate some of the creature comforts of home in the evening, then these safaris are for you. Here, you have the best of both worlds: your own private safari vehicle with a professional driver/guide to show you the best of Tanzania’s National Parks and at the day’s end, you settle into one of the beautiful lodges or luxury permanent tented camps where you can enjoy a hot shower and a cold drink at sunset. Many of these lodges have swimming pools, ideal places to relax during the hot midday hours, and offer services such as massage, the perfect way to relax after a long days drive!

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8  Days Classic Lodge and Tented Camp Safari – Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Arusha Karama Lodge    -/-/-    We give you a warm welcome and drive you to your Lodge nestled in the hills of Arusha.
Day 2: Tarangire National Park Tarangire Safari Lodge    B/L/D    The adventure begins with an easy morning drive, Tarangire is Africa at its best, an area of open savannah plains, acacia tortillis woodland with large stands of doum palms and ancient baobab trees, rubbed and carved by the huge herds of elephant, a magnificent array of birdlife and some mammal species rarely seen in other parks, such as kudu and gerenuk. Tarangire is also known for its tree climbing pythons. Relax by the pool during the hot early afternoon followed by a game drive along the Tarangire River, the life-line of this fascinating park, where you are likely to find elephant, lion and occasionally leopard in the fig trees that line the river bank. Return to the lodge in time for a sundowner on the terrace overlooking the river, before enjoying a hot shower, dinner and a good nights’ sleep.
Day 3: Tarangire & Lake Manyara National Parks Kirirumu Tented Camp     B/L/D    Early morning game drive in Tarangire, breakfast at the lodge then drive across the Great Rift Valley to Lake Manyara.
Lake Manyara Park is sandwiched between the Rift Valley wall and the shores of the soda lake and is characterize by the ground water forest, and acacia woodland which opens out into grassland as you approach the lake shore. Have a picnic in the park by one of the many fresh water streams that are a feature of this park, then spend the afternoon searching for the tree climbing lions, elusive leopard, inquisitive giraffe or watching the groups of hippo in the river pools close to the shore line Drive up the escarpment to your camp for dinner and overnight.
Day 4: Serengeti National Park Serengeti Sopa Lodge     B/L/D    After an early breakfast drive up the rift escarpment, cross the rich agricultural farmland of Karatu before entering the Ngorongoro Conservation area. Climb through the indigenous forest to reach the rim of the crater from where you get your first breathtaking view into Ngorongoro Crater, one of the worlds’ largest calderas, before driving round the rim and descending to the vast Serengeti Plains. Take a short stop at Olduvai Gorge, the ‘cradle of mankind’. Continue across the plains. Stopping for a picnic lunch under the acacia trees, as you take in the vastness of these grassland plains dotted with granite kopjes. Serengeti National Park is arguably the most famous game park on Earth. There are more that three million large mammals within this eco-system. It is possible to see the “big five”, cheetahs, elephant, giraffe, hippo, crocodile, numerous species of antelope and gazelle and over 500 species of birds all within the Serengeti. Arrive at your lodge in the early evening in time to appreciate an African sunset.
Day 5: Serengeti National Park Serengeti Serena Lodge (B/L/D) Full day in the Serengeti to explore this amazing eco-system, find the wildebeest migration, search for a wild dog lair, watch the huge Grumeti crocodiles or spot a sleeping leopard up a tree, follow the circling vultures to a recent lion kill or study the birdlife. You can choose to stay out all day or return to your lodge for lunch and a siesta before venturing out again in the cooler evening temperatures and then get back to your lodge before sunset.
Day 6: Serengeti National Park & Ngorongoro Crater Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge     B/L/D    Take your last early morning game drive in the Serengeti or take a spectacular hot-air balloon flight over the plains. This is an unforgettable experience to drift silently over the plains and really gives you a better impression of the vast vista of Serengeti. (Optional and *pre-bookable at an extra cost). Take a picnic en-route to Ngorongoro. Drive around the rim of the crater to your lodge situated on the eastern rim from where you can witness the sun setting across the crater. Standing 2236 m. above sea -level. Ngorongoro is a caldera, a sunken volcanic crater, the floor of which sits some 2000ft below the highest point of the rim with one shallower end, allowing migration of the game (with the exception of giraffe). This breathtaking natural amphitheatre contains permanent water and a range of eco-systems that nourish as diverse a range of wildlife as is possible in such a small area.
Day 7: Ngorongoro Crater Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge     B/L/D    After an early breakfast descend into the Ngorongoro Crater for a full day crater tour. This 100 square mile natural amphitheatre is host to an astonishing array of wildlife and you may be lucky enough to see rhino, elephant and lion, as well as large herds of zebra and wildebeest. The crater is a photographer’s paradise with plenty of wildlife all set with the perfect backdrop of the crater wall. A picnic lunch is enjoyed overlooking one of the hippo pools. Continue the search for and study of the amazing wildlife during the afternoon before returning to the lodge. Stay a second night at your lodge on the rim of the Crater.
Day 8: Arusha Karama Lodge    B/L/-    After a leisurely breakfast overlooking the Crater, drive back to Arusha with a visit to the local craft markets of Mto Wa Mbu. Choose to take a picnic lunch or to arrive in Arusha for lunch at the lodge giving you time to do a final walk in the nearby Suye Forest.

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9 Day Luxury Lodge & Classic Tented Camp Safaris – Sample Itinerary

Day 1 International Kilimanjaro Airport    Karama Lodge    D    Herzliches Willkommen am  Int. Kilimanjaro Airport, Fahrt nach Arusha (ca. 45 Minuten) zur Karama Lodge. Abendessen
Day 2 Arusha Nationalpark    Karama Lodge    VP    Nach dem Frϋhstϋck Fahrt in den Arusha Nationalpark mit einer Walking Safari zum Suni Wasserfall und Wildtierfahrt zu den Momella Seen.  Fahrt zurϋck in die Lodge
Day 3 Lake Manyara Nationalpark    Bougainvillea Lodge    VP    Der Lake Manyara Nationalpark liegt am Rande des Rift Valley (Ostafrikanischer Grabenbruch) . . Der Park ist berühmt für seine unglaubliche Schönheit und mit etwas Glϋck sehen wir auch die Baumlöwen, eine einmalige Attraktion dieses Parks.. Wildtiere wie z.B. Pavianfamilien, Büffel, Elefantenherden, Giraffen, Impala, Flußpferde. Gegen Nachmittag fahren wir weiter nach Karatu. Abendessen
Day 4 Lake Eyasi    Kisima Ngeda Tented Lodge    VP    Eine abenteuerliche Pistenfahrt zum Lake Eyasi steht uns bevor. Inmitten von Doum Palmen liegt die romantische Kisima Ngeda Lodge. Wir machen einen Ausflug um den Lake Eyasi See und besuchen einheimische Zwiebelplantagen.
Day 5 Hadzabe Buschmenschen    Serena Seronera Lodge    VP    Am frϋhen Morgen starten wir zusammen mit den Hadzabe Buschmenschen zu einer Jagd (siehe Extra/Information).Sie werden eine Gruppe dieser “Steinzeitmenschen” im Jetzt besuchen. Sie gehen mit diesen Menschen auf die Jagd ! (Immer schön dranbleiben!). Buschmenschen gibt es in Tanzania nur am Lake Eyasi und wir werden Zeugen einer Kultur, die wir nur mehr vom Museum oder vom Geschichtsunterricht her kennen! Die Fahrt fϋhrt uns dann weiter in die Serengeti Auf der Strecke zur Serengeti beachten wir schon das ausgeprägte Wildleben. Dort und da halten wir für ein Foto, fahren in den Nationalpark ein und in das Herzstück der Serengeti, in die Seronera.
Day 6 Serengeti    Serena Seronera Lodge    VP    Early Morning Game Drive. Lunch in der Lodge. Und gegen Abend fahren wir noch einmal hinaus um die Wildtiere aufzuspueren. Abendessen und ein herrlicher Tag in der Serengeti geht zu Ende.
Day 7 Serengeti/Olduvai Gorge/NCA    Ngorongoro Serena Lodge    VP    Die “Wiege der Menschheit”, die Olduvai Gorge liegt am Ausgang der Serengeti in Richtung der Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Wir besuchen das kleine, aber feine anthropologische Museum und lernen ueber die Ausgrabungen von Louis und Mary Leaky. Weiterfahrt in die NCA zur  Ngorongoro Serena Lodge.
Day 8 Ngorongoro Krater    Monduli Mobile Camp    FB    600 Meter geht es hinunter in den sagenhaften Ngorongoro Krater. Lunchbox (Ngorongoro Serena Lodge). Sie haben die Möglichkeit The Big 5 (Löwe, Bϋffel, Elefant, Leopard und Nashorn) zu sichten. Im Ngorongoro Krater wundern sich so manche ueber die biblische Vielfalt der Tierwelt. Weiterfahrt nach Monduli in die Berge. Ankunft ca. 16 Uhr. Kennenlernen der Massai im Camp. Ziegenbraten mit Lagerfeuer.
Day 9 Monduli Berge    Karama Lodge    FB    Noch immer gestärkt vom kräftigen Ziegenbraten der Massai begeben wir uns nach dem Frϋhstϋck mit unserem Massai/Fϋhrer auf eine etwa eineinhalbstϋndige Wanderung. Der Spaziergang ist auch eine kleine Heilpflanzentour. Im “Boma” angelangt, treffen wir auf den Laiboni, den Medizinmann und spirituellen Fϋhrer der Gemeinschaft. Fragestunde. Beeindruckt verabschieden wir uns von den Frauen und Kindern, fahren in das “Untere Monduli”, wo wir unser Lunch einnehmen und anschliessend gemϋtlich nach Arusha in die Karama Lodge weiterfahren.
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