ANAMED (Action for Natural Medicine)
ANAMED aims to enable people in the tropics to become as self-reliant as possible, particularly with regard to their health. The most important work of ANAMED is to run week-long seminars. More and more people are eager to learn more about natural medicine, to produce medicine themselves, to study how to grow Artemisia annua even in difficult climates, to know how to use it for malaria patients, how to combine it with Moringa to improve dramatically the health of AIDS patients – and also how to produce different soaps, black stones, treatments for serious diseases like cholera, when no other medicine is available, and so many people want to share all this experience with their friends and colleagues so that many more people become “ANAMED experts”. The following are important aspects of ANAMED seminars:

  1. Our emphasis on working at the grass-roots, encouraging and supporting local people in developing and extending the skills they already have.
  2. We encourage herbalists and formal health workers such as doctors and nurses to work together. We help them to recognise the contribution that each makes, and encourage them to work out practical ways in which they can cooperate.
  3. By introducing Artemisia annua, enabling herbalists, pastors, missionaries and health workers to become much more independent and successful in their treatment of malaria.
  4. It is important that all participants have a commitment both to practicing what they learn and to teaching others, for example by conducting a similar seminar in natural medicine themselves, at least for a weekend.
  5. It must be made clear to all prospective participants that participants receive no fees for their attendance.
  6. Transport costs must be met by the participants, their employer or sponsor.
  7. All participants will work together in practical work and in establishing a garden. They must bring suitable clothes for such activities.
  8. Participants must attend the entire programme. To come only on some days is not acceptable.
  9. All participants should bring plant material of five medicinal plants from their region.

After this seminar, participants will be able to recognise at least 20 medicinal plants, to use and construct a solar oven, to produce different soaps, different medicinal oils and ointments, black stones for snake-bites….and, most important of all, will be able to treat  malaria effectively with medicinal plants like Artemisia annua,. Each participant will be given some seeds and be taught how to grow this delicate plant.

ANAMED Tanzania has been registered as a NGO in Tanzania. As individual  members or in  ANAMED groups they are engaged in following activities:

  • Planting Artemisia annua anamed (A-3) and other medicinal plants and trees
  • Producing and selling different medicines (A-3, Moringa, different ointments, tooth powder, black stones, herbal teas and others)
  • Giving advice on village level how to improve the health and living standard by using their own natural and locally available resources.
  • Implementing small ANAMED centers in order to treat and advise sick people.
  • Helping the society to get a better understanding of the AIDS problem and to help to improve the health of AIDS patients by using natural medicine.
  • Conducting seminars.

ANAMED Tanzania has opened a training centre in Mwanza, where training workshops, information, books and other materials are available. Since  2007 Dr.Feleshi  is  conducting six-day training workshops in many different locations in northern Tanzania. For more information, especially about the training workshops please contact the centre: Kituo cha Anamed Tanzania, P.O.Box 10149, Mwanza Email: The centre is situated in Mwanza Isamilo.

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