Lake Natron EcoCamp

With only eight rooms, the Lake  Natron EcoCamp provides a high level of comfort and service and maintains intimate contact with the Bush and the sounds of the African night.
Each tent is furnished with full size beds, quality linen and blankets, bedside table, electric reading lamps, rugs, tables and chairs and has its own shower and toilet tent.
A steward attends to each Living tent and will make beds and do laundry daily.

The well hidden tents are placed parallel to a stream and about thirty meters away.
In the mid-day heat, it is  recommended  to relax in the crystal clear stream just by the tent, or enjoy a siesta in the cool tent until mid-afternoon.
Our clients can relax in this cool clear water with a drink,  or even float down to the lake on a tube which will be provided on request.

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