Lake Eyasi is a scenic lake at the base of a steep section of Rift Valley escarpment just to the south of Ngorongoro.

At first glimpse, Eyasi appears very similar to nearby Lake Manyara, but in reality the absence of significant fresh water means that it is far less able to sustain game populations.

For this reason, few tourists choose to divert from the main safari route to visit this lake.

Those who do generally come to visit the Hadzabe, a small tribe of hunter-gatherers who inhabit the lakeside forest.

The Tindiga Camp works together with the Hadza to enable guests to go hunting with the men and gathering food with the women.

Although we are nervous about this kind of interaction, concerned about both the quality of the experience for our guests and the potentially corrosive effect on the hosts, reports from both sides have been consistently positive in recent years and we find ourselves increasingly confident about recommending it.

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