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Monduli Maasai

The inhabitants of the Monduli area

are Maasai tribes (97%) depending on livestock rearing and small scale farming.

Rain is always low and desert like and the Maasai of Monduli District are highly affected by long drought whereby in recent years more than 100,000 Maasai cows /cattle died of drought and livestock diseases.  Many families have lost all their cattle  and therefore their source of income.

The second serious problems of existence is high illiteracy. This causes many families failing to sustain their living. Due to this situation it caused productive (age) youth to run to towns from their families looking for employment in urban areas like Arusha, Namanga, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar as the only way to get something to sustain their living.  Due to the fact that they do not have enough cows through long persisting of drought and due to lack of enough education they end up being watchmen with very little wages which causes them not to come back home . Some are paid 30,000 Tsh . (20. – USD per month!). And this causes their families at home to stay in a long distance from them.


Monduli Maasai

Farmers Centre in Monduli. Photos(2): Daniel Oltimbau





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