Africa Amini Alama


Mama Artemisia supports Africa Amini Alama in its humanitarian work. DDr. Christine Wallner (centre, with Dr. Sway and W.A.L. Mirambo) is an Austrian physician who has built a small hospital serving the local population in Momella in the foothills of Mount Meru. The hospital and a number of other projects are known under the name Africa Amini Alama, Swahili for ‘Africa, sign of trust’.

After many years of planning, Dr Wallner at last realized her long-held plans for the hospital using her own funds and the help of many supporters. In 2010, a small hospital for accidents and emergencies opened. In early 2011, a dental unit and a mother and child unit were added. Three thousand people are benefiting from access to free, basic healthcare. The next step will be to add 20 beds for in-patients. The training of local doctors, the application of natural treatments as well as field and medical studies are part of the ultimate plan.

Among the educational projects are courses teaching Basic English and how to use a computer. The aim is, together with local authorities, to open and run a primary and a secondary school. An orphanage for 28 children is being planned. In the wider social sphere, Africa Amini Alama provides financial help to individuals in exceptional personal circumstances. The charity helped a local football team by sponsoring their gear.

Africa Amini Alama

Projects by local people are supported through financial assistance, benefits in kind and active help. To help fight AIDS, the charity is offering HIV testing and medical treatment for those infected with the virus. On a more personal level, Africa Amini Alama is supporting a female chef who opened a small restaurant.

Mama Artemisia is proud to offer guests an opportunity to get to know Africa Amini Alama’s work. What’s on offer?

Visit of Africa Amini Alama dispensary and unit in Momella Half day
Visit of dispensary and afternoon game drive in Arusha National Park Full day
Two-day stay in Momella with visit of Africa Amanai Alama and Arusha National Park Two days
One-week stay in Momella project with daily excursions into the bush one week

Guests  stay at cost for a few days in a guesthouse run by the charity. All meals are included. As well as visiting the various projects, daily excursions into the bush can be arranged. Mama Artemisia also encourages those interested in supporting the charity to work for one of the projects, either for a short or longer period.

Contact us:, Christine Dachs

Africa Amini Alama

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