Mamafrika e.V.

Mamafrika e.V. Project is founded run by Christine Dachs, the President of Mamafrika e.V., a Non Profit Organization, registered in Austria. According to the motto “Progress through inter cultural exchange” she is counseling on a voluntary basis to uplift life conditions for people in East Africa. Mamafrika e.V. is offering cultural trips and Safaris to Tanzania as well as organizing charities, workshops and events in Europe to raise money for immediate and direct financial support. We are offering “Patenschaften”, partnerships for children (school fees), projects to support women (driving licenses, micro financing), medical help, Support for Mt. Kilimanjaro Porters and we organize jobs for Volunteering in Tanzania.

Our Aim

Is being a bridge between individuals, organizations, institutions and companies from Tanzania to abroad and vice versa, like

  • Universities, Music Schools, Artists
  • Bio-dynamic agricultural institutions
  • Solar Energy partners
  • Hospitals, schools, medical staffs
  • Companies
  • Individuals, ready to support partnerships for children, women, community projects
  • Individuals, volunteering in Tanzania

Involve yourself into some program!

Driver Driving licenses for women Euro 220.-
Paying school fees for one year for one child directly, monthly Euro 30.-
Micro financing a small scale business woman in Tanzania for one year, Euro 700.-


Volksbank Salzburg Account No. 002 168 938 , BLZ 45010

Porters Project Mt. Kilimanjaro Porters Program
Michael and Armin from Mamafrika e.V. created an initiative to support mountain porters. You can donate your mountain equipment, i.e. trekking shoes, anoraks, trousers, gloves accompanied with a payment of Euro 5. – Per kilo for shipment. If you are interested contact
Volunteers with Mama Artemisia
Volunteering in Tanzania
Your stay in Tanzania will be accompanied throughout. You can choose from so many options of learning. Just a few examples: 

  • Help a citizen to work with a computer
  • Teach English in speaking/writing
  • Train marketing skills for individuals
  • Be an example of the right use of medications, chemicals or waste
  • Work with children in an orphanage/school

Introduce new ideas avoiding old mistakes

Sponsored Student of Mama Artemisia Killing’ot (Arusha University) sponsored by

Christa Bauer, Graz

Sponsored Student of Mama Artemisia Paulina sponsored by  Rosemarie und Edwin Starzacher  Hallein
Sponsored Student of Mama Artemisia Ngina  Int. Tourism College Salzburg Klesheim

2009 Visa for Austria  sponsored by Mamafrika e.V.

Sponsored Student of Mama Artemisia Ledemi

Lake Chala/Kenya Secondary School (Fees Form 6) sponsored by Mamafrika e.V.

Int. Tourism College Salzburg Klesheim  Oct. 2010 – Sept. 2011 Tuiton Fees sponsored by Christine Dachs

Sponsored Student of Mama Artemisia Gertrude Kanyika  Girls High School  – El Doro/ Kenya

sponsored by

Gerold Schindler, Brunn am Gebirge 2008-09

Sebastian Rinnerthaler, Graz  2010

Christine Dachs,  Jan. 2011(1st term)

Sponsored Student of Mama Artemisia Amina, sister of Gertrude and her family sponsored by

Luigi,Monika,Steffi,Kati Marquet

Semboha Marangu Secondary School (Form 1, Form 2) sponsored by Mamafrika e.V. and
Dr. Gertrude Friese, Salzburg
Sponsored Student of Mama Artemisia Biological Beetroot seeds were given to Fikira and to her sister Sikudhani (not in the picture) to plant different crops for achieving a better price on Mombasa market.

Beetroot Seads program sponsored by

Michael Flemmich

Medical Help of Mama Artemisia Medical Help Success stories: Dickson Mwemba
Dickson worked as a Mountain Porter to make a living for himself and his family of 4 children. He likes work and to be “strong”.  He suffered of a serious Hernia and was not able to carry weight any more. After an Hernia Operation in February 2011 in Seliani Hospital/Arusha Dickson has recovered. Financial support came from one of the members of   Mamafrika e.V. Whenever he will find possibility to climb “the mountain” he will be able to lift and carry weight again.
Medical Help of Mama Artemisia Medical Help Success stories Just make everything possible! Mamaafrika was able to find a sponsor for Nuru. This Kenyan child was born with the Treacher-Collins-Syndrom, a genetically caused disease. With the help of an Austrian Company we could arrange to bring him and his mother Sikuzani to Landeskrankenhaus Salzburg (Salzburg Hospital) for a first treatment.
Thanks to Hilmar and his boss and thanks to the Ronald Mc. Donald –House in Salzburg.
Nuru is now able to attend school! The Kenyan Boy Nuru was born without outer ears! Due to his life conditions in the small village Eldoro it would not have been possible to find help. In Austria Nuru got a bone anchored hearing aid and will be able to attend school now. There is so much to do and where there is a will there is a way! Dickson Mwemba Hernia Operation, Arusha, Hospital
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