Panduka William and his 3-man acoustic band of Zanzibar is famous for their singing, Clarinet, Saxophone, Marimba, and Drums. Their repertoire is rich of African Songs.  They perform also international songs like Malaika, La  Bamba, Caroline, When the Saints, Marina, This World is not my home, or Mathilda, a tribute to Harry Belafonte.   They have played at the Blue Bay Beach Resort, Ocean Paradise Beach Resort, Matemwe Retreat & Bungalows, Ocean Paradise Beach Resort, Pongwe Beach Resort, Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort, Sultan Sands, and Zanzibar Retreat Hotel.

Call +255713245786 for bookings.

Panduka Musicians of Zanzibar

Panduka William was born in 1974 and has a rich history in musical performance.

1987 Church Choir , Ngombezi/Korogwe, Tanga Region    vocal
1989 Military Band, Monduli, Arusha     vocal
1990 Mtaani Street Band, Dar es Salaam    vocal
1992 Police Band, Zanzibar    vocal
2004 Study with Prof. Mr. Roger (Dhow Music Academy)    Sax.,Clar.
2005 First performance as  Clarinetist in Africa House, Zanzibar     Clar.
2007 Founding member of Sunset Band  Zanzibar  (Roger, Geoffrey, Panduka William)    Voc., Clar.
2009 Founder and Bandleader ( clar.,voc.) 3-Men-Acoustic Band- Zanzibar, together with Simon (guit.,voc.) and  Roger (perc.,voc.)    Voc., Clar.


International Songs
1    Malaika
2    Baila  Bamba
3    Caroline
4    When the Saints
5    Marina
6    This World is not my home
7    Mathilda

and many more

African Songs
1    Malaika
2    Jambo Bwana
3    Mwanangu ajali
4    Chaupele mpenzi

and many more


Venues of Performance in Zanzibar (2011)
Blue Bay Beach Resort
Matemwe Retreat & Bungalows
Ocean Paradise Beach Resort
Pongwe Beach Resort
Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort
Sultan Sands
Zanzibar Retreat Hotel

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