Monduli Mountains

Monduli Mountains Healing and Libations

Monduli Mountains

“Morning TV” when you wake up in our Mobile Camp in Upper Monduli

Monduli Juu is situated 50 Km north west of Arusha on the road to the National Parks of Ngorongoro and Serengeti. The Monduli Mountains together with Monduli town lie on the right hand side if you are heading to these parks. Monduli is the capital of Monduli district and is a town where you’ll have to pass when you are going to Monduli Juu. The name ‘Monduli’ originates from a place in Monduli Juu where a wealthy Maasai ancestor called ‘Monduli’ used to live in former German colonial times. To visit Monduli Mountains you can make a daytrip. We suggest you spend a night in our Mobile Camp (Tents with beds) and spend time with the Maasai People. This is what you can experience:

  • A medical trip where you’ll feel and smell different medicinal herbs and visit a traditional Maasai herbs doctor.
  • A warm welcome in Enguiki, in a traditionell Boma with an invitation to the house.
  • Traditional ’nyama choma’  with our Maasai warriors in ‘Orpul’ where you’ll cut the meat yourself and brew a healing tea from the roots of different trees.
  • The breathtaking view in our Monduli Campsite with Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Meru, Ol Doinyo Lengai, the holy Mountain of God, the African Rift Valley and Lake Natron.
  • Visit to a traditional Herbs Doctor. The “Laibon” is a spiritual psychologist and the leader of the community. Whenever there is a problem that needs to be solved the Maasai are consulting the Laibon. He is also a healer, a medicineman who gets visited to ask for medicine. Also in modern phytology western medicine more and more is acknowledging the efficiency of maasai herbs. Maasai have never stopped treating themselves therefore this knowledge has been kept a secret over the time.

Recommended Equipment
Good walking shoes, sun cap, sun cream and drinking water. Optional binoculars if interested in bird life.

Monduli Mountains Monduli Mountains

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