Hadzabe Bushmen

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Hadzabe Bushmen of Lake Eyasi. The Hadza are the last hunter-gatherer tribe in Tanzania, an ethnic minority of approximately 800 members. The lifestyle of the Hadza is still similar to ancient stone-age or iron-age times although the environment they live in is endangered by the settling Bantu tribes living nearby. The Hadza use to live in small groups of 15-20 adults with their children whom they teach their culture with strong discipline and love. The tribe lives in and from the nature surrounding them in absolute harmony. They are well known for their serenity and peaceful and tender way they are communicating between each other. “Being” is more important to them than “Having” We visit the Hadza, there are some groups of the Hadza who are happy to welcome us “intruders”s .

Bushmen Bushmen

Drive to Karatu (2 hrs). From there we start an adventurous drive of approximately 1.5 hrs to the 80 km long Lake Eyasi. Lake Eyasi is the biggest Lake in the northern Rift Valley. Depending on your budget we pinch the tents in the romantically situated Bush Camp and let our cook prepare a delicious meal for you. Or we drive you to “Kisima Ngeda Tented Camp”. Tindiga Tented Camp is another option. Maybe we get in contact with the Hadza even today or you like to relax first or visit the nearby villages.

The settlements of the Hadza consist of dry grass and huts built from  Sansiveria ehrenbergensis , from far it is not even easy to check them out. Our driver will connect you to a local guide. At first sight you might be even shy to get in contact with the Hadza but with time you will get a deeper insight into the rich culture of the Hadza. They are aware of each sound of their environment and know how to interpret the signs in order to find food. Nature is the only supplier! Wild berries and roots, fruits and honey inside trees, roots filled with water digged out from the grounds, they know how to keep track to hunt for bigger and smaller game, even the smallest rat or bat is welcomed in a Hadza menue. Men are hunting antilopes, gazelles, wild guinea pigs, baboons and also birds and squirrels with their bows and arrows. They put special natural poison on their arrows depending which animal. The bows have an enormous tension force. We are invited to go for a hunt with the Hadza. There is also the possibility to walk with the women into the bush being shown how to find “water”. In the afternoon we say good bye to the Hadza and if we are lucky they play us some music on their self built instruments or we make a circle dancing with them their traditional dance. The visit to the Hadza can be also part of a Safari to the National Parks in Northern Tanzania as well as a Hike to Ngorongoro Crater Highlands down to Lake Natron.

Accommodations: Kisima Ngeda Tented Camp
The Tented Camp is under the German-Argentinean Management of the family Schmeling. It is beautifully situated under the rocky hills direct at the Lake. Six tents only, with self contained bathrooms/toilet/shower from where you can see the Doum palm trees. All tents have their own terrasses with a view to the lake. Food is excellent. The Camp has its own fish ponds.

Lake Eyasi Bush Camp
The bush camp is romantically situated under acacia trees giving us shadow and a relaxing retreat. The camp is simple but safe and the showers and toilets are well kept and clean. Our cook is going to prepare an excellent meal and you will be spending your evening/night at the bushfire.

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