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Fair Trade – Coffee Tour Moshi. The beans of Kilimanjaro Highland Coffee belong to the most exquisite and expensive coffees in the world. Their coffee plants are growing in the misty highlands (about 1.300 m and above) in a moderate, cool climate, shadowed by covering trees and well fed with water and care. In the African tropics Kenya and Tanzania have such advantaged climates and especially the area around Moshi, facing the snowy cap of Kibo (Mt. Kilimanjaro) these superb conditions of growing excellent coffee is given.

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Fair Trade Coffee
Big scale coffee farming is not the thing of a community of around 60 Wachagga (Chagga tribe around Mt. Kilimanjaro). They have decided to market their crops away from governmental administration and instead of bringing small crops to the auction in Moshi every Thursday they decided to join their special community, following the rules of organic farming.  They sell the coffee to  the “Fair Trade” Market.  Families growing coffee are able to survive with their small coffee shambas (fields), passing on the knowledge of how to grow organic coffee from one generation to the next.
Attending our “ Eco-Coffee -Tour” is a bit like to dig into the world of the Hobbits in “The Lord of the Rings”. Everything is so small and efficient. See the Coffee plants shadowed by Banana trees and themselves overshadowed by big trees. And under the coffee plants you find lower plants like beans and all kinds of salads and all surrounded by tiny, winding paths through the rainforest. Next to learn all about the coffee plant itself you get taught about the many plants growing and some funny stories how to use the plants in social life. For instance the “Chagga”-Plant is used for fencing the property and its leaves for saying “sorry”, for divining or just for leaving a message to your neighbor  (see photo Mike) who has gone out of the house for a while. The same plant is also used for announcing that a new brew of the famous “mbege” (local alcoholic banana drink) is available!

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This is what you can experience
Leaving Arusha we drive you to Moshi and up the hills into the coffee area. We have already fixed a date and Michael, one of the heads of the Community, is awaiting us. Let us listen to some introductory words of Michael and what we are going to do. All our senses will be touched:  We will be walking through the rainforest, listening to the sounds of birds, seeing the coffee plant and the coffee beans in the different stages of growing, harvesting, washing the beans, peeling in two steps, drying, grounding with our own hands, smelling the grounded coffee and getting an idea of the flavor when we are roasting it on fire. The tour is highlighted by drinking “our” coffee, freshly brewed!   Included in our tour is a “Chagga” meal full of sensations of the famous “Chagga” kitchen.
It’s best to reserve one full day for this tour. After meal we bring you back to your hotel in Arusha.

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