e-mail:, facebook:  Tausi Women Taarab, Tel: +255/777 428 794

Tausi Taarab is an all female orchestra performing Taarab and traditional Zanzibari music.

In old times women-bands used to perform to men playing in singing and as chorus only.  When in Zanzibar music became an economic factor,  man played in hotels and all the women-groups faded away. In order to fill this gap “Tausi Women Taarab” was founded in 2009 by Bi Mariam Hamdani, Executive Director of the orchestra.

With their performance they want to give you a glimpse into the rich heritage of women’s’ rituals still existing in Zanzibar culture. Music and dance have always been part of the daily chores and at festive times like weddings or young women’s sexual education.

 There have been various invitations to perform at  functions of EU, the UN, the opening of “Women’s Decade 2010-2020, The African Union, the Ministry of Education in Zanzibar, ZIF- Zanzibar International Film Festival, SAUTI ZA BUZARA (annual Zanzibar Music Festival), and recently they performed at the SPRING FESTIVAL in Beirut/Lebanon, Cairo and Alexandria/Egypt. The picture was taken at the Sunflower Theatre in Beirut (April 2012) after an amazing  show.

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