For many years, Christine Dachs worked for a national newspaper in Austria, the "Salzburger Nachrichten"as a project manager. In 2005 she decided on a new career and moved to Arusha in Tanzania where she built up a business that focused on arranging conducted climbs up Kilimanjaro and safaris. Christine enthusiasm for Tanzanian life and culture combined with her love for tailor-made trips moved her to set up Mama Artemisia (T) Ltd., a promotion and marketing company for individual tastes. Mama Artemisia offers organized tours operated by Tupendane Daima Safaris, a licensed tour operator and member of TATO.


These tours range from a camping to a luxury safari, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro on one of the many different routes or flying to the spice islands of Zanzibar. Some of these tours are short; others take up to four weeks. There is a tour for any budget, be it time or money.


Mama Artemisia is promoting tours, but it is also much more. Its mission is to support local people with talent who are lacking the know how of finding a market for their skills. For example, Mama Artemisia is promoting local bands and musicians, arts projects as well as some social projects. The aim is to create a forum that will give locals access to marketing knowledge they lack. On the other hand, some of the guests that Mama Artemisia welcomes to Tanzania are also interested in getting closer to Tanzanian life than a tourist can – which can be achieved through introducing them to the local projects and artists.